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Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm PST
orinda fire district. reporter: all four people who were injured were rushed here to john muir medical center, three of them needed emergency surgery. >> you can hear the crunch of an out of control vehicle making impact, followed by some moments of confusion. then screams for help from firefighter kelly morris. one of three fire team members injured in this accident. fire crews were investigating a series of rain-related crashes. >> a third card hit the side of our fire engine, and then actually rolled over up on to the embankment and hit three of our firefighters and also the person we were taking the report from. >> firefighters and fire captain were rushed to john muir medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. fire chief randy bradley says two of them are scheduled for surgery. the fourth victim is not a firefighter. he suffered more serious injuries. >> that person is actually in critical condition. he received the worst injuries of the four that were struck by the car, and i believe he is in surgery right now. >> the rollover was actually the third crash here. firefighter
Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> now, a founder final john mcafee surface 6. >>> silicon valley millionaire john mcafee is now in guatemala where he plans to ask for asylum. his lawyer revealed he's crossed into guatemala from belize where he's waned for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. he continues to be in contact with the media by phone and through e mail and blog posts. >> the fish and game department is carrying out a necropsy on two mountain lion cubs over the weekend. the shaefrs office responded to a report of a lion in the 800 block of the area on friday. fish and game tried to move the cub buzz they were back on the streets the next day. at that point the wardens felt they had to shoot them out of concern for public safety. >> san jose city council voted today to allow airports staff to shoot blank and live ammunition at birds that pose a hazard to planes. the vote changes an ordinance allowing only police too discharge firearms there have been 118 reported bird strikes at san jose international airport alone. birds can cause damage when they hit planes particularly if they get into the en
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
. wilton missed the entire year this season then needed second tommy john surgery. if giants decide to let him go, he becomes a free agent. he's talked about signing with the dodgers. >> oh, no! he lives down there. >> could resign with the giants, not over yet with a lower cost. and david stern fined spurs $250,000 foresting their stars last night in miami. san antonio ending a road trip. the head coach sent key players home. he wanted them to get rest. shock was spurs almost beat defending champ was nothing but bench players. they lost this game. the fans want to see the star players and stern is trying to protect the fans. spurs get fined. golf, thousand oaks, california second round of the world challenge presented by northwestern mutual. tiger woods stinking it. grand mcdowell on fire. a six under 66. four birdies on back nine. three-shot lead. nine under par. derek jeter. the king of new york sports. great player, friendly with media. everybody loves him but in big apple you're a target check out headline from today's new york post. derek eater. the yankee great coming off ankle surg
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3